My husband and I hosted our Medieval wedding at our home in 2007.

Although very time consuming it was such a joy sourcing flags, tableware, goblets, tankards etc and I thoroughly enjoyed making table runners, bunting, banners etc to dress the marquee and banqueting tables.

Having previously taken redundancy from banking to raise my daughter I decided to start hiring the items after our wedding and set up a medieval banquet hire company with a small amount of tables, benches and medieval stock.

With great testimonials, and referrals, business grew.

I then began to get requests for our sturdy Tables and benches (all made by us) as a separate hire, hence started up Wooden Bench Hire company.
In discussion with clients regarding their unique events I started sourcing personally for their special day.
Our prop collection therefore grew and grew.
7 years on, my husband, who was a Financial Adviser, joined me in the business and we continued to grow and expand.

We set up depots around the country in order to keep delivery costs down for our customers.

We now have seating for up to 4000 people, so great for festivals and large corporate events plus so much other furniture, tableware and props to style any event of any size.

We continue to hire for an array of different events: music festivals, food festivals, weddings, parties, filming, theatre, photoshoots,TV, plus have lost count of how many wonderful Medieval Banquet events and Weddings we have been involved with.

We pride ourselves on going over and above and great personal friendly Customer Service.

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